Five Cities, Three Countries, Six Days

Schonbrunner night

I’ve just spent six days in five cities and three countries visiting my friends David in Berlin and Dominic in Brno. I started in Berlin where I walked down both sides of the Berlin Wall playing the theme from Wings of Desire on my iPod over and over. Then I went to the Filmmuseum Berlin, I found memories from Marlene Dietrich, Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders and Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Filmstudio Babelsberg was not exactly open to the public, they have a Film Park next to it, some interesting props like a set of The Pianist and the alien head from Alien and a stunt show with awful sound effects.

Schonbrunner day

I missed my bus to Brno by a few minutes, so waited for the next one, a six and half hour trip to the Czech Republic. The small TVs for the journey had Before Sunrise, which was the perfect watch. I went to Brno Lake which was spectacular like Camden, Maine from In the Bedroom. There are so many wonderful churches in Brno, a little known city for tourists. A day trip to Vienna prompted me to look for Milena’s apartment from Bad Timing, we spent about hour and a half searching. It was a pilgrimage, I kept replaying the film in my head. The address is 2 Schonbrunner Schlosstrasse. It turns out even numbers (2 to 14) where knocked last year for a shopping centre which is still under construction. Disgraceful. The street has changed a lot since the filming in 1979. Richard Linklater shot Before Sunrise here. It’s Michael Haneke’s home, the setting of many of his films including The Piano Teacher and Benny’s Video. I spent my last day in Prague before the airport, very Medieval. I kept thinking of Bill Murray’s fleeting visit here last year. I need to watch the Czech New Wave films like The Fireman’s Ball and Daisies.

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